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Muslim Journal Welcomes New Online Advertising Agent

It is indeed another “all praises due to Allah” moment as another “legacy baby” of the Community of Imam W. Dee

n Mohammed – born out of the sacrifices of Pioneering Muslims of the indigenous Muslims – steps forward to lend his acquired expertise to better the future (and the look) of Muslim Journal.

As the COVID-19 Pandemic shut down many Muslim Journal vendors for over a year and the resulting need for better online presence ensues, we welcome Bro. Sabir A. Abdul-Haqq as “Online Advertising Agent” to solicit and promote Muslim Journal’s online presence and secure advertisers to support it as we also support those advertisers.

Sabir is the first born of the late Rosa Abdul-Haqq Shareef and lived with his mother and father Imam Alvin Shareef (Sabir does not like the term stepfather – Imam Alvin IS his father) practically all of his memorable years.

His mother Rosa and I delivered our babies along the same timeline, spending many months together in the “crying room” in the basement of Masjid Elijah Muhammad on Stony Island in Chicago. (Although Rosa graduated from the crying room before I did with her two babies; I was on delay with my four babies.)

Here in Jackson, Mississippi, Sabir lends many, many hours to developing and promoting the New Medina Retreat, overseeing its virtual retreat this past Memorial Day Weekend 2021. Also Sabir has given presentations to my Tougaloo College Mass Communications class with his “photography by DRONES” demonstrations.

It is a privilege to welcome Sabir to work with us in advancing Muslim Journal’s future. Sabir below narrates his own journey that provided him the skills he’s nurtured to 23become a valued asset to Muslim Journal today:

SABIR ABDUL-HAQQ: I’ve been fooling around with graphic storyboards and DOS prompts since I was 11 years old. A native of New Medinah, Mississippi, by way of Hattiesburg and Chicago, I went to the University of Southern Mississippi following a track in technical writing.

My first actual position in the field was as Technical Director for the University Activities Council, where I was responsible for audio-visual needs, event technical assessments and execution, and website authoring.

I began using my talents in the Jackson area for a local nonprofit Southern Echo as a technical trainer for community organizing work.

I later channeled those abilities by co-founding and establishing Mississippi MOVE (Motivating and Organizing Voters for Empowerment), a civic-engagement and voter’s advocacy group aimed at collectively enriching and growing the State of Mississippi’s eligible electorate. We officially cemented our nonprofit status 4Q 2019.

I accepted an office management, communications and IT position with the ACLU of Mississippi, where my duties involved membership recruitment and retention, payroll and HR and IT management & auditing.

In 2008, I founded Extraordinary Business Solutions (EBS) full time offering web design, desktop publication, IT management and security, network setup and printer troubleshooting on the commercial, government and residential levels throughout the region. EBS will be celebrating its 13-year anniversary in September.

In Spring of 2015, I founded Eagle Eye Imaging Solutions, a documentation, marketing and aerial photography clearinghouse for small business promotions, event capture and surveying scopes of work.

Today, I work as an IT Support Analyst for the University of Mississippi Medical Center supporting clinics along the Lakeland Drive/Rankin County corridor. I love what I do, I love the people I work with and I enjoy having an open door.

I reside in Brandon, Mississippi, watching my community and my three sons grow, and there’s never a dull moment.

CONTACTS: For online advertising opportunities with Muslim Journal, contact Sabir at or call 601-658-0600. Visit

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