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African Diaspora Connect

INTERNATIONAL – Muslim Journal is very excited to be a sponsor with the “African Diaspora Connect,” an upcoming business venture organized by Ambassador Waleed Shamsid-Deen. The Dec. 17-24, 2022, seven-day business conference will go from New York City to Sierra Leone to Senegal and return to New York City.

Do not delay! Go to the website:

During the seven-day business conference, there will be opportunities for “serious minded businesspersons” to meet like-minded businesspersons on the Motherland, the ancestral home from whence the majority of the 41.6 million African Americans can trace their roots.

Our DNA is our connection; our yearning for closure after the great separation and traversing through the Middle Passage so many centuries ago is our motivation. The uncertainties of the Promised Land (USA) indicates that the timing is NOW.

This visit to the Motherland with African Diaspora Connect will encompass the business conference (one-on-one transactions), guest speakers and meeting business leaders with breakout sessions to “close the deal,” vendors, guided tours with local entertainment.


We have an innate responsibility to connect with the continent. Our time is now. There is no need for procrastination, excuses, delays or deterrents, we have to mend global relationships and connect with our brothers and sisters abroad for the good of humanity.

The solution to our financial instabilities lies within the resources on the continent. The resources needed to build and sustain our institutions lie within the continent.

The solution to provide infrastructure improvements and to provide the industry needed for our brothers on the continent all lies within the continent.

There is a global movement to harness the collective resources of the diaspora for reinvestment both domestically there is a continental movement to create innovation and entrepreneurship for African sustainability.

Business is the final frontier. Let’s pool our resources, create platforms and opportunities to harness the collective diaspora community for investment, trade and commerce on the continent.

We have the financial resources, we have the Human Resources, we have the intellectual capacity. It’s time for implementation. The time for talking is over.

The audacity for change is upon us. The future of our dignified existence depends on us.

As special envoy for His Excellency, President Julius Maada Bio with the mandate for trade and investment I invite you to join me, Ambassador Waleed Shamsid-Deen, for a 9-day, 2-country intense business conference in west Africa.

With the objective to connect African American Muslim business owners with “real” business opportunities in Sierra Leone and Senegal.

Let us inspire one another as we impact global change for people of color.

Preparations for Travel:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is there a visa requirement to enter Sierra Leone or Dakar?

A: Visas are available on arrival and are included in the package.

Q: Should I take any shots prior to traveling to West Africa?

A: We recommend visiting the CDC website on the link below. We also recommend taking the yellow fever vaccine before travel and bringing malaria pills to take during and after travel. Consult your doctor for any additional medical or vaccine needs.

Q: How should I pack for the trip?

A: You should pack in comfortable business casual clothes or native garb which reflect the tradition and culture of the African nations we are visiting. There are several formal meetings that will require business suits however one dress suit/dress will suffice. Here is a link for other items to bring when traveling abroad:

Q: Is traveling to these countries safe?

A: Both countries have nominal petty crime and are considered safe environments for Americans to travel. There is a U.S. embassy in both Sierra Leone and Senegal, and we have registered the conference with both embassies.

Q: What is the climate?

A: West Africa has two seasons, the rainy season and the dry season. We will be visiting during the dry season.

Q: Do the citizens of Sierra Leone and Senegal speak English?

A: Sierra Leone is an English speaking nation and Senegal is a French speaking nation. We will have access to translators during our Senegal visit.

Q: What is the currency?

A: Sierra Leone – Leones; Senegal – CFA France

Q: Where can I find the exchange rates?


Q: Should I Tip?

A: Yes, tipping is appreciated and should be budgeted accordingly throughout West Africa

Q: How much should I tip?

A: Tipping is commiserate to the service provided.

Q: Is there internet, cell phone and charging stations?

A: There is Internet throughout West Africa however we encourage you to call your service provider to see if you have cell phone coverage in the region. We also recommend you bring a portable charger to keep your mobile devices charged.

Q: Will there be time for leisure and tourism?

A: The purpose of this trip is to engage in high level business meetings with government officials and the private sector. Though we have selected a few sites for tourism, there will be limited leisure time for the delegation.

Q: What vaccinations are required?

A: Yellow Fever, Covid Vaccine, Malaria

This business conference will be of great benefit to Muslim Journal, giving the opportunity to realize the “Hands Stretched Across the Waters” that graced Muhammad Speaks. Time is of the essence, so if you’d like to schedule a video/zoom discussion, email

Please email your interest in being a part of “making history” – as we RETURN through the DOORS of NO RETURN! And we do so with mutual benefits. Email Muslim Journal direct at Or email and let them know you would like to support Muslim Journal as your “sponsor.”

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