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Updated: Nov 2, 2022


Almighty G-d has given excellence to the designs of the rules and responsibility for both man and woman. Too frequently, each gender expends energy excessively, arguing over who is more out of accord.

Speaking specifically to the African American population, the man says: “Be more sensitive to our plight. Look at the systematic racism and contemporary extermination that we are faced with. There’s a deliberate sabotage of the family leadership.”

Let’s look to see if there is a similitude in history, using the story of Prophet Moses (AS).

Pharaoh said, “Destroy the first-born male of each family.” This was not only an attempt to destroy Prophet Musa, but also to weaken the leadership within the families. The strategy was to attack the head first, thereby achieving the goal of weakening the body. Also, there were continuous obstacles put in front of Prophet Moses’ Path to hinder his progress.

Likewise, there is a similar pattern to the days of slavery. The plan was to destroy the African American male leadership through hangings, lynchings, and as it is today using different methodologies. The African American in American may still be alive, but by various methods and mean he has been made impotent and ineffectual, particular regarding his ability to provide leadership.

Indeed, over a century after slavery, most African American men still have less opportunity available compared to their counterparts, e.g., Caucasian men. This contributes to the goal of breaking their spirit. It is man’s G-d-given nature to want to provide for his family. Additionally, society has executed another strategy. The African American woman has become the beneficiary of many economic opportunities that have been denied the African American man, adding further insult to his dignity.

This system has created a world of continuous obstacles for him, to defeat his ability to make progress. However, Allah has given these men and any other oppressed men solutions and tools within scriptures. Reflect on the courage and strength of those who were before you. Faith is what carried your ancestors and will carry you now.

It has to be unshakable faith. You must know that you are worthy and deserve your share of the earth. Gather knowledge and strive for a higher level of growth and development.

ABOUT Nimat Marie: A native of Philadelphia, Penn., and former columnist of “Mother’s Wit,” Sis. Nimat is a freelance writer for the Muslim Journal. Her latest project is the platform to hear from others who have a voice to be heard, including hers, to inspire, share knowledge and wisdom through “Expressions of Village Voices."

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