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A New School of Thinking

Imam W. Deen Mohammed and his community believe and assert that a new school of thought will emerge out of this body of people in America. The Imam asserts that we are a new people with a new mind, new sensitivities and our own unique understanding of the religion of Al-Islam as a result.

The Imam explains this clearly in the video. Click HERE to open the video.

We use the language, “Our School of Thinking,” because the school of thought is under development. Imam Mohammed has laid the foundational arguments and given us a powerful perspective and interpretation of the words and concepts in the Majestic Qur’an. These paradigm shifting teachings have caused this new community to read the same Qur’an; the same words as our brothers generations before us, yet understand them differently.

These new perceptions will inevitably lead to new conclusions about the meaning and practice of the Deen and how we follow the Prophet’s example, yet we are not introducing anything that is not already there.

A few of the major features of our school of thinking are:

  • Interpretations of the meanings of the many parables and metaphors in the Qur’an.

  • Interpretations of the meanings of the many rituals that are found in Islam and other religions.

  • Interpretations of the meanings of the many objects in creation that Allah refers to as HIS signs.


From these interpretations by Imam Mohammed, new applications of Al-Islam and Qur’anic ideas will be deduced to the new circumstances of modern life in America and the world. From these new understandings of the words of Allah, a new fiqh (understanding & practice) will emerge. It will not be new in the sense of changing Allah’s message or the religion that has been revealed by Allah, but it will be new in the understanding of the words of Allah and not surprisingly, how we apply those understandings to daily life. Thus, some things might look different because they are not approached from a 14th century perception of Al-Islam.

It should be noted that we are in the infancy of the evolution of this school of thought; this madh’hab. We are only now at the closing stages of the period of collection and preservation of the teachings. The knowledge will still have to be codified, organized, analyzed, and then applied to the particulars of life in order for this school to mature in the formal sense.

Be patient with us, give us time to grow. Help us, not by trying to “correct” us with what you think we should be thinking. Help us with money to enable our scholars and thinkers to pursue this research and development without being encumbered and hampered with the daily concerns of obtaining food, clothing, shelter and paying bills.

The Inheritors of the Faith School of Thought has already been born and is forming and spreading. Its formal maturity is already on the way. Its strength will get stronger and stronger and its light will get brighter and brighter.

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