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The Language & Logic of Imam W. Deen Mohammed

If you have ever been around students of Imam W. Deen Mohammed for any length of time, it won’t be long before you will hear someone refer to his language and logic. “You have got to learn the language and logic of Imam W. Deen Mohammed,” they would say.

Imam Mohammed transformed the Nation of Islam with words. He taught us that “Words Make People” and he demonstrated this truth by changing us with words.

He mostly used the word of Allah; the Qur’an, the word of other scriptures, and words important in the thinking of African-Americans. But, he used these words in a special way; by redefining concepts and ideas, which placed us into the womb of a powerful language environment. This is Imam Mohammed’s teaching; that language is a womb of the mind.

The Imam’s language is composed of a rich vocabulary of explanations of words that we find in the scriptures and in the signs of creation. In other words, both the objects in our holy books and the objects in the creation are symbolic representations of various ideas and concepts. By understanding the definitions of these symbols or signs, our perception changes and a new understanding of religion and our world comes into view.

What is the logic? The logic consists of the deductions, extrapolations, and conclusions that the Imam arrived at regarding scripture, Allah’s guidance in the creation, and direction for society. From the foundations of his definitions of key concepts and words (his language), certain conclusions naturally and inevitably follow (his logic). The Imam would say, “We must follow the logic to its conclusion!”

Imam Mohammed’s language and logic does not introduce something new into the religion of Al-Islam, but it guides us to new understanding of what was already there and it brings about a renewed perception of the wisdom of the book for the benefit of humanity. The explanations of religious terminology and concepts and metaphors comprise the vocabulary of this language and the deductions, insights, and conclusions that you can derive comprise the grammar of this language.

These tools of language and logic allow us to look into the Qur’an and Bible and other scriptures and our world in a new way. This new perception and understanding of Allah’s last revelation is going to bring about a renewing in our land.

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