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The Vision of Imam W. Deen Mohammed

Imam W. Deen Mohammed was first and foremost a follower of the Majestic Qur’an and the most excellent example of Muhammad the Prophet of Al-Islam. Allah blessed Imam Mohammed with an understanding of these two sources, which brought about his vision for improving the life of America and the world and a vision of the role of his community in particular and the African American and larger Muslim community in general will play in helping to bring about this transformative remaking of the world.Imam W. Deen Mohammed envisioned the rise of a community of people who have thrown off the physical, mental, and spiritual shackles of slavery, decadence, and misguidance and returned to the original nature and pattern of human qualities and behavior intended by Allah.


He envisioned this community of people being blessed with an enlightenment and a wisdom to compliment their renewed character and behavior, who then organize and work together with Muslims, other faith communities, African Americans and all right-minded people to inspire and help humanity come to its common destiny–one universal human family.

Imam Mohammed believed that the guidance and knowledge for bringing about this transformation springs forth from the message of G-d and the examples of all HIS prophets. He understood that Allah blessed him with a profound understanding of this message and the purpose and goals of the prophets and he believed that the wise application of this knowledge would provide the tools needed to help foster the vision of a universal human family enjoying a garden of growth and fulfillment here on earth.


This destiny is symbolized in the sign of the Hajj and Ka’aba, where all of humanity’s different people make a once in a lifetime journey to what symbolically represents the house of Allah. Upon finding Allah, they then place HIM at the center of their life and they rotate around that center (live their lives with G-d consciousness as the central principle).

The center, the Ka’aba, is full of meaning, which we won’t get into now, but it symbolizes the original human family. The concept of the Hajj is that all human beings can unite and base their lives around the common, natural human values and principles. All human beings must make the journey to universal understanding and perception of the one common human destiny of all human beings. This is the goal of the work of the Khalifah, the Muslim, the Believer.

Study the following excerpts from Imam Mohammed:

He says: “Therefore, enter you My Paradise.” G-d has given us the steps for salvation. When Jonah finally got free of his difficulties and was on land, safe, according to the Bible, he said:

“I have a three-day journey. G-d has established me in my soul, but now I have to find a way to move out. And when I find a way to move out, then I have to perceive my future destiny on this earth among these un-G-dly people.

Not only am I to be established in my soul, I also am to be put on the right road. The right road is the next step for me. After the right road, I am to visualize what I am to have as my community life at the end of that struggle. Don’t think this has nothing to do with us. It has everything to do with us.

The minimum number we need for this Jumuah is three. Why? Because Jonah’s struggle in his soul is our struggle in our soul. Once Jonah was free of the struggle in his soul, he had to establish his life on this planet. G-d created him to have life on this planet and to have a model life that would speak to others and tell them what they should make of their lives.

It should say that G-d guided this man to this model and have it as a witness, as an attraction to attract others to the right life and to the right establishment for man on this earth. There was his destiny. And as we stand up to pray, don’t forget the connection.


The Kaa’ba is a sign of the connection. That is exactly what it is. Its greatest meaning is the sign of connections, and it connects that which was separated. It reconciles that which should be together and not against one another or belonging to one another. It is to bring together all parts that belong together, that have been separated and divided by the schemes of Satan


It is a sign to bring man in unity with mankind, not just with his nation or his race or with his secret order or people of his persuasion. No. It is to bring together people with the human soul, to bring all those who belong to the soul of Adam together, so they again become one life and harmoniously live for righteousness and an abundance of good that G-d created us for.”

The Vision of IWDM is the same as the vision of all the prophets, which is to encourage all of humanity to travel through life in the same direction keeping the original nature that Allah created at the center of humanity’s life.

Allah made humans according to a natural pattern and humans are to evolve according to that pattern. Shaytan planned to disrupt that natural pattern by undermining the natural human by coming at him from the right, left, front, and back in order to make Adam (original, natural man) slip from the Garden of life and interrupt his role as Khalifah in the earth. The prophets come to fight the schemes of Shaytan and help the natural human return to that natural pattern, which will evolve us into enlightenment and make us proper, humane, and worthy custodians and protectors of the earth and restore it as a Garden or Paradise for our world’s inhabitants.

An important part of this vision is the role that African Americans (Bilalians) have in the fulfillment of this vision. They have a role as a compensation for 400 years of slavery and oppression. Allah would not be just if HE did not address this human tragedy. The vision of Imam Mohammed includes the following picture:

The African American was stolen from his homeland and through the system of the slave trade was totally destroyed, emptied out, and crushed to dust as a person and people. The system destroyed the African in us.

We were crucified. Our hands were nailed to the cross; meaning we could not take action or build anything to free ourselves from the condition. Our feet were nailed to the cross; meaning we could not run and escape from the condition. A crown of thorns was crushed into our head; meaning that the authority imposed upon us caused us to bleed out all of our knowledge and good sense. Hanging on the cross, we were crucified horizontally and vertically; which means universally…killed all the way around, in every aspect.

This left us as dirt, mud. All we could do was cry out to Allah with our heart to save us; for salvation, to free us from this condition. We cried out spiritually to Allah and He breathed into our people a new spirit, one from His own self.

This is why we became known as the people of soul; the soul brother and soul sister. Why our food is called soul food and our music was called soul music. All we had was Allah to sustain us, because everything else was destroyed.

This condition caused us to have a new beginning; it turned us into a new people who were fashioned out of the scriptures. Also, our fight against slavery and being called sub-human and inferior, was the fight to become like the prophets, which is to establish our humanity and to fight for freedom, justice, and equality for all, which includes us.

This journey to freedom for 400 years made us into a new people on the planet earth; a people whose soul was fashioned by Allah, from the dirt and mud and ashes of slavery. This is the new beginning of a new people.

As our people were being fashioned in our struggle against slavery and inferiority, we transformed America from being the biggest slave trader and oppressor into the most free and equal country in the world. So much so, that everyone from around the world wants to come here and America is seen as the champion of human rights in the world. This is our doing.

Our people have been fashioned by Allah to become the champion of freedom, justice, and equality, and the principles for which the prophets and scriptures of Allah stand. We are to transform the world the way we transformed America. We are to keep the evolution moving forward until humanity reaches the state which is symbolized in the Hajj.

So, the great compensation that Allah is giving to the Bilalian is this new soul and with the coming of Al-Islam, a new enlightenment. That new soul and new enlightenment has the power to lift our people up to the highest and most dignified position and give us the power to push and pull the world to its final journey or destiny.

So, the African American desire to redeem and restore our people to our former glory and dignity is to be achieved by being the muezzin (Bilal) and calling humanity to their correct alignment with the Creator and with each other. Our people’s battle and struggle and our mission is to do this. In doing this for all of humanity, we will be lifted up by humanity and put on top of the “Kaaba” so all can hear our call.

NOTE: This calling is not just through the word of speech. To call is to get the attention of something and then summon it to come to what you are calling it to. We use all the means available to humans to attract attention and attract them to come to the destiny and position we want for them.

In this vision, Imam Mohammed sees African American people lifting themselves up to great respect and dignity by leading the way of pushing humanity to return to its most dignified thinking and behavior. This is the vision



This vision of the African American’s role in the destiny of humanity is absolutely consistent with the vision of humanity as understood in the Qur’an and Al-Islam. Both the Qur’an and the Prophet are a guide for where humanity needs to go and the African American people’s experience in America has fashioned them to be a band of people evolved out of mankind pushing it to be its best self.

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