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How to Become a Muslim

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It is not very difficult to become a Muslim in name or by declaration, but becoming a Muslim in its fullest sense; in the way that leads to all of the blessings that being a Muslim in substance brings, is a journey that lasts a lifetime.

When a person becomes aware of the religion of Al-Islam and spends some time becoming familiar with its teachings; its beliefs, principles, ideas and practices, they may decide that they would like to become a Muslim.

To become a Muslim one need only attend a gathering of Muslims and let an Imam or someone in the gathering know that they desire to publicly make a declaration of faith in Allah and HIS messenger Muhammad. This declaration of faith is called the Shahadatain, which literally means I witness twice.

The Muslims will gather around the new person and one of them will administer the Shahadatain. They will ask the new person to repeat the following declaration after them, first in Arabic and then in English (or their native tongue).

Ash’haadu an-la elaha  il-lallah, which means I witness that there is no G-d, but G-d (Allah, the Creator).

Ash’hadu anna Muhammadan Rasuululah, which means I witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of G-d (Allah, the Creator).

Upon making these two public declarations, the Muslims will declare that they recognize the new person as a Muslim and a member of the family of 1.5 billion Muslims around the world and they will all shake his hand and give him hugs and make du’a (prayer) for his success.

At this moment, the new person is officially a Muslim. After this moment, the new Muslim then starts his new life and path on the road of Al-Islam; that is the road to Peace and Wholesomeness. From here the person begins to study and learn in depth the beliefs, ideas, principles, and practices of a Muslim.

The new person not only engages in learning to enlighten his mind and increase his knowledge, but he or she cleanses their heart and strengthens their moral character and courteous behavior.

The Muslim life, called Al-Islam (The Peace) or Deen Al-Fitrah (The Way of Nature) requires a journey back to the natural, wholesome human self that Allah intended for him or her to be. This journey leads to great rewards not only at the destination, but all along the way.

If you are a new Muslim, we pray that Allah will bless you to enjoy your new life.

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