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Prophet Muhammad -  The Last Prophet

Muhammad the Prophet was the man who Allah chose to inspire with the divine revelation that we call the Glorious or Noble or Generous Qur’an. It has these titles and more because the way the content is expressed is truly glorious and the ideas and principles it espouses are truly noble and what its message offers to its readers is truly generous.


Well, such a message could only be entrusted to a man with a heart and mind worthy of such a trust. That man was Muhammad, the son of Abdullah, whose natural orientation and inclinations were honorable, humble, fair, just and all of the qualities that we wish for in an exemplary human being.

Not only did he have the right character, he had a desire to see the lives of his people be liberated from enslavement to ignorance and decadence. So, he search in himself and to a greater source for answers.

Allah rewarded this man with the gift of the last revelation to humankind and grew and guided him to be the final prophet to humans with a completed message for all humans.

His achievements and accomplishments in history are phenomenal. Allah has told us that he is the most excellent model of conduct among us, but that he is just a human person like us who has demonstrated the kind of person that we should all become.

Muslims look to the example of Prophet Muhammad to acquire understanding of the qualities and goals that Allah intends for us all.

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