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First Pillar: Faith in Allah - The Creator of All Things

The Muslim belief system and total way of life rests upon this central principle; that there is no G-d, but Allah, who is the Creator of the Skies above, the earth below, and everything in between. It is only the Creator of air, water, fire, and earth that is to be trusted, to be prayed to, to be worshiped, for HE is the power and control behind all existence and the only one whose will should be submitted to.

The Muslim believes that Allah is distinct and separate from HIS creation and that there is nothing in creation like HIM, yet HE is everywhere and omnipresent throughout HIS creation and controlling and governing it with HIS attributes and angels.

Muslims challenge those who believe in other things; including human beings, as G-d. The Muslim asks the question, “Who created the person whom you think to be G-d?” Did they create themselves or do they owe their existence to the One who created the very stuff out of which they are made.

However, Muslims accept that people with different religions and beliefs may refer to the Creator by many different names and we acknowledge those names once we recognize that they are speaking of the one who made everything. While some Muslims see the name Allah as a personal name, the community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed does not subscribe to this view. We believe that Allah is the Arabic equivalent of the word G-d.

The community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed is a community of Muslims who completely embrace this principle of Al-Islam and it is this belief that has led us to the understanding that all human beings are one family under Allah and this idea helps liberate human beings from the superiority and inferiority complexes human beings fall prey to.

This great principle of Al-Islam is liberating for a human being because it puts only one authority over us and makes everyone else our equal. Thus, the human being is free to grow and expand as far and wide as our capacities and efforts take us, provided we do not violate the commands and guidance of Allah, which teach respect for our equals; other human beings and all other things, living and non-living.

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