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Imam Yahya Islam – Southern Section Convener

My Islamic Journey began in the late 1970’s in Ft. Myers Florida under the leadership of Minister Richard (Abdul Aziz) at Muhammad’s Temple on 2830 Anderson Avenue. I worked in the Muslim community as a salesman selling men’s clothing, women’s purses and Muhammad Speaks newspapers. I sold more than 100 papers each week. In those days, we were taught to “do for self.” I heard and obeyed that message and worked my businesses so diligently that I was able to establish a measure of financial stability.

In 1978 I relocated to Columbus Georgia and became an active member of Muhammad’s Mosque. I married Martha Islam on May 12, 1979 and we were blessed with two children; Muhammad and Aqeelah. Sister Martha and I are still married today and I have been blessed with a supportive wife and wonderful family.

On May 13, 1979, the day after my marriage, I was elected Resident Imam under the leadership of Imam W. Deen Mohammed.

In 1979, I became an Imam for the Muscogee County Prisoner Service and I served for more than 10 years without a salary.

In 1980, I began serious study of Qur’anic Arabic with brother Pasha and Muhammad Bilal.

In 1984, I attended Columbus Technical College and received certificates in education.

In 1988, I acquired 9.5 acres of land to build Masjid Al-Jannah on Forest Road in Columbus GA and that Masjid is still active.

In 1992, I performed my first Islamic marriage in Columbus GA.

In 1994, I perform the first Janazah prayer in Columbus GA.

In 2000, I established Masjid An-Nur on 753 Church Avenue Columbus, which is where I currently serve as Resident Imam.

In 2007, I received my Master Plumbing license for the states of Alabama and Georgia.

In 2013, I made my journey to Saudi Arabia for the Hajj.

I have served as Imam in Columbus GA for 35 years and I am proud to have been elected to the position of Section Convener for the Southern Section in 2014.


Imam Yahya Islam

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