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As Salaam Alaykum! 

This set of DVDs includes the following workshops:

  • Imam Qasim Ahmed - Understanding and Teaching Islamic Knowledge and Skills
  • Mubaashir Uqdah - Understanding and Teaching the Vision and Thinking of Imam Mohammed
  • Dr. Abd'Allah Adesanya - Developing Future Leaders
  • Imam Benjamin Bilal - Public Speaking and Interpersonal Communication
  • Imam Muhammad Abdul Aleem - Masjidullah Philadelphia; a Case Study in Community Development
  • Imam Mikal Shabazz - The Keys to Effective Masjid Administration
  • Imam Bashir Ali - Developing Community with Shura Baynahum
  • Imam Wahy ud-Deen Shareef - Social and Spiritual Connections for Inter and Intra Faith Relations
  • Imam Earl El-Amin - Community and Government Relations
  • Imam Sulaiman Salaam - Dawah and the Importance of Social Media
  • Imam Dr. Abdel Nuriddin - Health of a Community is of Paramount Concern

2015 National Imams' Conference Workshops

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