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2017 Eid ul-Fitr Announcment 

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04/24/2020  1:14 am

Confirmed Moon Sighting Reports



After much collaboration and evaluation, sightings have been confirmed. The details are as follows:


Three naked-eye sighting testimonial reports in California:


  • San Diego - Mufti Shaqib and Dr. Farooq from Mount Laguna in San Diego (approx. 4,000ft).  I spoke to Mufti Shaqib directly to take his report.  I know him from previous moonsighitng reports.  He is very trustworthy and reliable.  By his description, we determined that he did indeed see the moon.

  • Santa Cruz Mountains - Ibrahim and Yahya Ismail, the two adult sons of our resident moonsighting expert, both saw by naked eye.  They have been trained as very careful and cautious moonsighters their whole lives.  We have verified that they did indeed see the moon by naked eye.  They have beautiful pictures that we will share soon.


  • Bodega Bay - Sister Tomara known in our community as a trustworthy and experienced moonsighter reported a positive naked eye sighting. We have not spoken with her yet for the full details, but will soon.  She also has pictures that she will share insha'Allah.


The Conveners of Imams pray that Muslims around the world have a wonderful and blessed Ramadan, no matter which day they begin the fast.


Ramadan Mubarak!!!

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